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Thank you both Kevin and Simon for guiding me through a process that is difficult, emotional and subject to many hurdles.
Your knowledge of the dental market is second to none and your advice throughout the process was terrific. Thank you both. The process could never have been so uncomplicated without your guidance!


Dr Bentley Sacks - St Ives, NSW - 20 May 2022

Kevin Koton will get the job done - reliable, true to his word and committed! Whether you're a seller or buyer, he will advocate for you and your goals. Practice Sale Search should be your first port of call. Having done due diligence, screening other dental brokers, I found that Kevin instills confidence and accuracy with his approach, combined with a go-getting, friendly and supportive attitude.

Anonymous - North Shore, NSW - 19 Apr 2022

Kevin Koton provided an exceptionally good experience in our practice sale transaction. It was a difficult time (Covid lockdowns, etc.) yet he still managed to facilitate an excellent result. Well done Kevin and team - I can highly recommend your services to my colleagues.


Dr Mark Dennes - Sydney, NSW - 29 Mar 2022

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your efforts in finding the perfect buyer for our practice. It was only ever going to be an exceptionally good owner occupier who would be a suitable buyer. Everyone is very happy at the practice including patients.

This could not have happened any better.

Dr Michael O'leary - Aldinga, SA - 14 Feb 2022

We have just concluded the sale of our dental practice with the support of Simon and Practice Sales Search. Simon’s approach and his advice throughout this process was both valuable and practical.  I attended the day session Simon provides on preparing to sell a dental practice and found the information he and his guest speakers shared was exactly what we needed in considering the prospect of selling the practice and then, once we had made the decision, in preparing for the process. 

We chose to use Practice Sale Search as the broker as we considered the approach was very comprehensive and covered so many more aspects of the process than we thought it might. Simon starts with considering the reason for selling through to the preferred position after the sale and everything in between.  While achieving the best price for the sale was important, the choice of buyer was also important as Brian preferred to continue working for a period after the sale. Simon’s guidance and the information he provided on prospective buyers addressed both the financial and the personal aspects of the decision to be made. 

Having completed the process we can recommend Simon as providing a thorough, well prepared, well considered and fairly priced service.

Dr Brian and Andrea Sainsbury - Salisbury, SA - 10 Feb 2022