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Jul 18 2018 - Case study
I had a massive heart attack and decided it was time to sell. I still loved dentistry, but after my heart attack I was getting tired easily; it was getting too much for me. I decided it was a warning and I had better listen.
Jun 20 2018 - Simon Palmer - Buying a dental practice Sell a dental practice
The stakes are high in practice sale transactions.  Financially, a practice usually sells for amounts in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. There are also important non-financial qualitative aspects of the deal, like transferring staff, patient relationships and a reputation that has been built over decades, and post-sale work commitments for the vendor that can last from 6 months to 5 years. The transaction itself is usually documented with three or four legal contracts (1. a business sale agreement, 2. a premises lease contract or premises sale contract, 3. a work contract for the vendor post sale, and 4. a partnership/associateship agreement if there are equity...
Jun 13 2018 - Case study
It’s not uncommon for many women to put their own careers on hold while their children are young and their spouses are building their own business/career. This is the story of Laurie Koranski, a dentist’s wife and former practice owner, who got a second chance at a career she is passionate about, when she and her husband sold their busy Jimboomba practice.
Jun 12 2018 - Simon Palmer - Buying a dental practice Practice sales
Once upon a time, buying a dental practice was a rite of passage that almost all dentist graduates went through after a few short years in the workforce. In more recent years however, statistics have shown that being an employee/contractor/non-owner dentist for life is a growing choice for dental graduates. There are many reasons that people give for this trend, including:
May 16 2018 - Case study
In 2014 I became ill, a situation that I had not previously had to contend with. Whilst in hospital, I had time to reflect on 34 years of practice ownership, and the realisation that the effects of getting older could consequently find me more likely to find myself unable to work. It made me consider the possibility of at least easing back and enjoying a little more of life, before I reached the point of no longer enjoying my work.
May 15 2018 - Simon Palmer - Buying a dental practice Practice sales
There comes a time for most successful practice owners when they get to a level of comfort with their first practice, and start to contemplate starting or buying a second practice.
May 2 2018 - Case study
"One of the main mistakes I see practice owners make is that they let a career worth of fatigue come into the practice a year or two before they sell. So, even though their practice has been a fantastic business, none of that history matters."
Apr 10 2018 - Simon Palmer - Getting ready / preparing Practice sales Retirement Sell a dental practice
Retirement is often thought of as an event, a date on the calendar, a threshold that you cross one day into a new phase of life. Making a person’s profession or retirement an “all in or all out” proposition like this makes it a big deal. It means that people looking at retirement need to: