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Jun 30 2022 - Brokerage
Paul has been part of the PSS family for 3 years now. He is our man on the ground in New Zealand, and consistently gets fantastic feedback from his clients and buyers. What do people really know about the man behind the deals? 
While I love dentistry, I love life more. We don’t have kids and my husband and I worked out the numbers we needed to retire on…and as soon as we reached what we needed, we stopped. We made the decision to live every second of our lives as best we can. I've never been happier!
May 25 2022 - Simon Palmer - Seller: mind ready Seller: preparation Seller: timing/ retirement Seller: process of selling
There is a common saying that running a successful business and having a successful career is a “marathon, not a sprint”. The saying is meant to remind people to think long term, to pace themselves and have longevity in mind, rather than just short-term results.
In 2002, Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team, was faced with the departure of star players and a limited budget to replace them. He realised that if he was going to look for players using the same metrics as all the other teams, he was going to find the same players as every other team,  and be outbid every time. His solution was to find and use new metrics (Sabermetrics), in order to find underappreciated and affordable players and create a winning team from them. 
Mar 16 2022 - Brokerage
Lisa has been a part of the PSS family for 3 years now. Known for her high energy, infectious laugh and thorough knowledge of any practice she’s selling, Lisa has built quite a following amongst the many people who have had the opportunity to work with her. 
In my first years after graduation, most of my work life was organised around being able to climb mountains. As an owner, I found that even when I was on holidays, I was never able to disconnect from the business. Now I am doing my dentistry to fund my adventures and get a balance in my life. Over time, getting some of this freedom back has become crucial for me. Himalayas are not on the cards anymore because of the high altitudes, but there are lots of mountains out there. I have a goal to do one of the harder Alpine north faces in Europe. At 13,000 feet, it seems manageable.
Mar 2 2022 - Simon Palmer - Buyer: buying Valuation
Most business purchasers will rely on a valuation formula to tell them the ballpark of what things should sell for. For some dentists, whose cognitive strengths and training up until that point have been scientific in nature, the desire to adhere to guidelines like a formula can be greater and more inflexible than for others.
Mar 2 2022 - Brokerage
Kevin Koton has been a part of the PSS family for many years, bringing humour, warmth and enthusiasm into every interaction he has. We consistently get fantastic feedback from our sellers and buyers about him, but what do people really know about the man behind the deals? 
Dec 13 2021 - Simon Palmer And Harry Nicolaidis - Buyer: buying Legal process
If you are looking at buying a dental practice, it is likely that you will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement at some stage.