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Looking to sell a practice in NZ?

Whether it’s a multi-chair practice in Auckland, or a smaller, single chair practice in Invercargill, we are here to help you.

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Why a broker?

Anyone who has ever tried to buy or sell a dental practice will tell you it isn’t as easy as it looks. There are multiple legal agreements, hundreds of moving parts in a transaction, worth hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars, and emotions are high on both sides. How do you find a fair price? How do you make sure you aren’t taken advantage of? Who can you ask about the steps and timelines ahead in the process? How can you know if a clause in the agreement that is being presented to you is reasonable and industry standard? How can you know if you could or should be getting more?

If only there was someone who had done this hundreds of times before, who could guide you through the process and hold your hand every step of the way.

There is.

After decades of selling practices in Australia, Practice Sale Search recently opened an office in New Zealand, with a local representative who has decades of experience in the NZ dental market. Never before has there been such an experienced team available to help dental practice owners with the sale of one of their most valuable assets.

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METROPractice for sale
CODE: NZ21044
Approx. Location South Auckland

This modern, three-chair practice is located in a shopping centre in a busy retail suburb of South Auckland. The practice has been on an impressive growth trajectory over the last three years, with projections of close to $2 million forecast for this financial year. It operates with a skilled team of employee dentists, DAs and a hygienist. The transaction is walk-in/walk-out as the vendor is relocating overseas.

METROPractice for sale
CODE: NZ0611
Approx. Location Auckland suburbs

Take over a well-maintained practice with room for expansion in one of Auckland’s busiest suburbs. The 2-surgery practice has an additional room that can be converted into a surgery; the practice is currently underutilised, as the vendor is the sole dentist and only one chair is operational. The practice, which is located in a converted residential building on a main road, has large windows that allow in an abundance of natural light. There is onsite parking for patients and staff, in addition to street parking directly outside the practice. Visible signage faces passing traffic and pedestrians walking to and from a nearby school. The vendor is willing to consider offers for the property along with the practice. 

METROPractice for sale
CODE: NZ2120
Approx. Location Auckland

This busy, modern practice won’t be on the market for long! Grossing more than $2 million in the last financial year, the practice operates with a loyal and highly skilled team of employee dentists and nurses. The vendor owns the property and is willing to provide a long lease, or sell the property along with the practice.